Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Reviews

Amazon is known for having great clothing and collectibles at great prices; however they’re introducing a brand new product. The Amazon Kindle Fire is brand new and growing in trend. But, is it better than Apple’s Ipad? There are many advantages that the Kindle Fire has, namely for Amazon shoppers.It comes with a free month of Amazon Prime, and allows you to sample movies and videos. The downside is that the screen is smaller than and Ipad and it doesn’t have the best quality and resolution, but its good enough.
More bonus points for the Kindle, because of its price. You can get a brand new Kindle for 69.99! A price, you can not beat! Where as though an Ipad will run you 400$ So for those who are running low on funds, this is a perfect deal! The purpose of the Kindle is, is to watch movies, videos, read, browse the web, view ebooks, and check email. For all these, the display is all important. Therefore features like the resolution of the display are deal breakers when considering important to consider in such an iPad vs Kindle Fire comparison The Kindle Fire, currently offers , a pre-registered account filled with access to all of your Amazon content, and whatever you may have in iCloud. Unlike Apple’s iCloud service, there is no limit to the amount of content Amazon will store for you and no expiration date on how long you can keep it.
Simply because you’re just accessing your content from Amazon’s vast library of ebooks, movies, TV shows and music. The Fire’s 7-inch screen supports most colors and looks great. Another awesome thing is that its battery life last up too 8 hours! That means it won’t die as quickly as an Ipad or any other touch screen tablet. More downsides are that there isn’t a camera or microphone but there’s many other things. The thing that is most obvious from the start of using the Kindle Fire is the fact that everything is Amazon oriented.
This makes life ten times easier because you can just sync your information . It mainly features Amazon Prime which is a great trial that allows users to view unlimited movies and videos and have unlimited audio. With other millions of movies to watch and millions of songs to listen to this is a catch! The Kindle Fire overall may not be as advanced and popular as the Ipad, but it is still a very good deal. . And if you use Amazon on a regular this is more than convenient for you.
This product is really something to check out especially if you’re on a budget or you just want something affordable and simple. With fast connection and a never ending list of things to do ,you’ll never be bored. Overall, the Kindle Fire is a great bargain for an even greater price. Overall the Ipad may win the battle of the best, but the Kindle Fire is not very far behind.



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